Dear Parishioners and Friends

This Sunday's Gospel passage from St Matthew - about Jesus walking on the water towards the disciples on a boat and Peter's loss of faith - is one of the lovely, memorable stories in the Gospels. Jesus has been in the hills by the Sea of Galilee, praying alone; Peter and the others were fishing in the middle of the lake 'battling with a heavy sea'; Jesus walks on the water towards the boat and after thinking He was a ghost Peter asks to walk towards Jesus, but loses heart and begins to sink. Jesus had already greeted the with his usual exhortation, 'Courage, it is I. Do not be afraid'. We know the ending - Jesus holds up Peter, returns to the boat with him, the wind drops and the sea becomes calm.

Among some of the other stories relating to the Lake of Galilee St Luke records the incident when he told the disciples to 'Put out into the deep' after they had had a fruitless night's fishing. Again, it is Peter who protests but he does as Jesus suggests. This idea of being in deep water has captured people's imagination for centuries. I take it that we have all at some time been in 'deep water'! Jesus builds on these common human experiences to assure us that he is always there - here - by our side.

These stories remind me of the new church in Magdala in the Galilee area of the Holy Land where, within the last 5 years, a most beautiful church has been built. Magdala was the home of Mary Magdalene. The church is known as Duc in Altum which in English means Launch out into the deep. The altar is shaped in the form of a boat and the congregation looks out over the Sea of Galilee.

I like to think that Our Lord is encouraging us to take risks, to launch out into the deep, to have courage and not be afraid. And even if the risks are not of our own making, take heart; 'I am with you always'.

Godric OSB

Times of Mass in St Anne's Church from Monday 13th July:

Mondays and Fridays: Mass at 1200
Sunday: Mass at 1100

NB: The church will open only 10 minutes before Mass begins.

Wednesday: Mass streamed from church at 1200 without a Congregation.

Very many thanks for your understanding and patience. We are all feeling our way forward without knowing how all this is going to end. It may be necessary to make some changes but please God we shall go ahead in faith, hope and charity. I really look forward to welcoming you to St Anne's.

Corona Virus and Care for Our Common Home

The coronavirus pandemic demonstrates how, as Pope Francis says, everything is connected. A virus that began in China is affecting the whole world and is a frightening reminder of how our carelessness with God's creation can allow such a disaster to happen. On the other hand, the lockdown shows us how much cleaner our air can be when we reduce traffic and air pollution. Climate change is another result of our failure to care for our Common Home. If you would like to learn more, why not watch two very good lectures by Deacon Paul Rooney on The Reality and Urgency of Climate Change and Bishop John Arnold on the Theological Imperative to Act, from the 2018 Justice and Peace Assembly in Liverpool? Deacon Paul is at John is at

Have you noticed something not so apparent during the 'lockdown'? Please email with anything interesting for our bulletin. I've had a robin in the garden nearly every day perched right next to me whilst I'm having a cup of tea.never happened before! Birds usually fly off the minute I step into the garden.

Dear Parents and Children

We want to let you know that on the homepage of our school website there is a section entitled 'Gospel Reflection' which is updated every week with the gospel reference and a summary of the Sunday gospel. In this section of the website you will also find a link to a weekly Sunday Liturgy for Families with hymns, prayers and readings to celebrate the Sunday gospel while at home. We hope you are all keeping safe and well. The staff of St Anne's Catholic Primary School

Let us pray for all those already affected by the virus, and that ways of combatting the virus will soon be found.

What to Expect - Catious reopening of our churches for public worsip

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