Dear Parishioners
It has been an eventful few days for our community at Douai Abbey.  On Sunday, against a background of warm sunshine and blue skies, Br Gabriel Wilson OSB was ordained a priest.  About 200 family and friends gathered for the occasion and what delighted me was that about 30 of our parishioners made their way to Douai for the celebration.  Ordinations to the priesthood are not all that common these days so this was a memorable event for our community.
Then on Tuesday morning we held the election for our abbot and Abbot Geoffrey Scott OSB was elected for a third term of office.  Abbot Geoffrey has already served two terms of eight years.  While he expressed his surprise at being elected I think that many of us did not share his feelings beforehand.  We probably all thought, ‘Thank goodness it’s not me!’

Perhaps this is an opportune moment to ask you to keep our Community in your prayers.  You will have noticed the boards in St Anne’s church listing all the former Rectors (parish priests) going back to 1732; and all have been Benedictine monks.  Our Community at Douai is now smaller than at any time for well over 100 years.  We need more men to join us so that we can continue our mission of furthering the Kingdom of God in Ormskirk and Scarisbrick and in the other places where our monks serve as parish priests.  And, of course, we need to have a healthy core of monks in the monastery to live out the Opus Dei, the Work of God

Godric OSB



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Pastoral Area Newsletter 14 - 2014

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