Dear Parishioners

I have been reading an inspiring little book called Signs of the Times by Jean Vanier who, over 50 years ago, founded L’Arche. Today there are more than 140 L’Arche communities around the world in which men and women live together in mutual respect and love, embracing whatever difficulties (mental, physical) individuals may have. “‘Disabled’ and ‘Non-disabled’ live together in the joy of helping each person, whether defined as handicapped or not, to grow in the true love that is rooted in Wisdom.” (Jean Vanier)

Jean Vanier has shared his life with the vulnerable and weak. In doing so he has had to face up to his own fragility and recognize that we truly encounter others through humility. About faith he says: ‘Faith isn’t simply a matter of belief in doma and regulation. To have faith is to believe in, place our confidence in, a person: for Christians, that is Jesus. Then this trust and the friendship it engenders, evolves. It is a journey of growth, transformtion, deepening and humility, which is accompanied by a love and a vulnerability that become more and more radical and take us further and further away from the idea that we know a superior truth.

This fragiliity both attracts and frightens us. ‘When I am weak, then I am strong,’ says St Paul (2 Cor 12:10). Recognizing our own vulnerability our own weak points is a wonderful starting point for being open to people, to life, to God.

Father Godric OSB


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