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This year the Sunday Gospel passages from St Matthew present us with the parables of the Kingdom. There are seven of these:

1. The sower and the seed
2. The wheat and the weeds
3. The mustard seed
4. The yeast
5. The hidden treasure
6. The pearl of great price
7. The dragnet

These give us glimpses of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.

The sower and the seed tells us that there needs to be fertile and reliable ground for the seed (the Word) to grow and prosper and that there are different degrees of fruitfulness.

The wheat and the weeds suggest that there are good and bad people. But equally the suggestion coud be that there is good and bad in each of us and that this will be judged on the last day.

The parables of the mustard seed and the yeast emphasize growth, using the examples of outstanding growth (the mustard seed) and the need of an agent (the grace of God - presented as yeast) for the growth of the Kingdom in our world and in our hearts.

The pearl of great price and the buried treasure indicate that the Kingdom is to be sought after above all else, even at a cost.

The dragnet returns us to the image that there are all kinds in the Kingdom (and different areas in our lives) which need sorting for the Kingdom to grow and which will be judged on the last day.

There are all images and examples. Christ came not only to proclaim but to establish the Kingdom of heaven on earth. The images in these parables give us guidelines on how to search for the Kingdom and how to make choices which will give this search a priority in our lives.

Godric Timney OSB

During August all weekday Masses will be at 9.30am preceded by morning prayer at 9.15am.

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Ormskirk Catenians Annual Clergy Night

Ormskirk Catenians hosted their ever popular annual Clergy night at Hurlston Hall. Attracting 30 local Priests and 35 Ormskirk Circle members. Bishop John Rawsthorne was the Principal Guest speaker, John originally from Crosby studied at St Josephs Collage in Upholland and was ordained in June 1962. John was appointed the Bishop of Hallam( Sheffield) Diocese in 1977. on his 75th birthday in 2011 in accordance with canon law John offered his resignation as Bishop of Hallam to Pope Benedict XVl but was refused and remained in office until official retirement in 2014.

(picture from left to right: Ormskirk President Tony Charnock, Bishop John Rawsthorne, Ormskirk St Anne's Priest Father Godric, Ormskirk Vice President John Gannon)


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Pastoral Area Newsletter 14 - Easter 2017

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