23 FEBRUARY 2014




Shortly we shall enter upon our annual pilgrimage from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost.

In the first place we should recognize that it is a single journey which does not end on Easter Sunday, still less on Good Friday, but that we continue our search for God with Our Risen Lord until the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the formation of our Christian Community
Secondly it is a pilgrimage and this is part of our lifelong search for God. Each year our celebration of this season enables us to move forward and to grow in the search.
In our journey we shall, as always, have regular Lenten practices such as the Stations of the Cross, culminating in the celebration of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil and preparing in Eastertide candidates for the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

In addition new areas of growth are appearing in our Community:
a) There will be an 'Alpha' course in which with our Christian brothers and sisters we search for the meaning of life in Christ.
b) There is to be a 'back to Church Sunday' on 9th March, the 1st Sunday of Lent in which we invite someone we know who has stopped coming to Church to share with us  the wonderful celebration of the Mass.
c) We have formed a group of Benedictine Oblates who will relate to our monastic foundation community at Douai and who will be able to use that channel as a means of searching for God. This we hope to extend further through the north-west and to our Christian brothers and sisters.
d)  New Baptism Course will start on 23 March with parents as teachers helped by catechists.
e) We have recently filled in address lists. Perhaps it would be a kindly thought to take a spare copy for someone who might not be able to come out on a Sunday and who would welcome inclusion in our life by being visited or some who would like to seek a return to Church.

Whatever the activity, these are growth points for us and we should be able to enjoy our pilgrimage. 'Lent' is a word which means 'spring' and this is the springtime of our year, so let us set forth with good step and make the most of this lovely time of year.

Father Boniface OSB


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