Dear Parishioners

Dear Parishioners

Last Sunday evening we held a meeting of St Anne’s Pastoral Council and the
following are some of the matters discussed:

  1. On the first Sunday of Advent we hope to emphasise ‘Darkness to Light’.  Suggestions about how we might do this are welcome.
  2. Once we receive a copy of the final document from the recent Synod in Rome we propose holding an open discussion on it.
  3. If you have any suggestions about supporting a particular charity every year please pass on your ideas.  The Loaf trust has now been disbanded.
  4. Someone had suggested publishing the weekly collections on the bulletin but since there are several different ways by which people contribute to the parish it was felt a most accurate picture would be gained by viewing the accounts on the Charity Commission website.
Once the accounts are available for the past year we shall hold a parish AGM.

Godric OSB



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