Dear Parishioners

This Sunday is the 52nd World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Today’s Gospel offers us the figure of the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep, and Pope Francis has spoken of, ‘Hearing and following the voice of Christ the Good Shepherd means letting ourselves be attracted and guided by him in consecration to him; it means allowing the Holy Spirit to draw us into this missionary dynamism, awaking within us the desire, the joy and the courage to offer our own lives in the service of the Kingdom of God’. God calls all those who follow him to listen and answer his call, to leave, like Abraham, ‘our native place and go forward with trust, knowing that God will show us the way to a new land. Those who set out to follow Christ find life in abundance by putting themselves completely at the service of God and his kingdom…disciple of Jesus has a heart open to his unlimited horizons, and friendship with the Lord never means flight from this life or from the world.’ (Pope Francis)

That we need pastors and people who make a special consecration of their lives to God is evident to all. Let us, then, first of all pray that when God calls people to serve him and the Church in some of these ways they will respond with generous hearts, trusting that when God calls he does not let us down. The other side to focusing on vocation today, is for all of us to ask, ‘What is my own particular calling?’ Do not be afraid of the answer you discover!

Fr Godric OSB




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