Dear Parishioners

Last week we celebrated the second of our ‘Back to Church’ or ‘Welcome’ Sundays, and many thanks to those who worked hard in making the necessary arrangements. We had two particularly joyful celebrations with St Anne’s children leading the singing at the 1030am Mass and the chamber choir from St Bede’s leading the music at the 4.30pm Mass.

That we should even label such Masses as ‘Welcome’ would surely mystify our recent ancestors! They, like many of us, would be horrified that Catholics don’t go to Mass every Sunday, but that is the case these days. No doubt it is true that we live in a different age from that of 50 years ago when competing activities, non-existent then, vie for our time on Sundays now. But no good pointing fingers or looking back to the so-called ‘golden’ days of our youth.

The challenge we face today is: how to put over to our fellow Catholics, the centrality of the Mass in our Christian faith, and making the celebration itself one which touches the lives and hearts of us all. From the earliest days of Christianity the weekly gathering ‘to break bread’ on the first day of the week, Sunday, the day of resurrection, identified those who really desired to take their faith seriously and grow in their understanding of God’s love which has been revealed to us through Jesus Christ. That in itself is a good reason to keep coming week after week; and there are many other reasons for gathering regularly as a Eucharistic Community…

Godric OSB



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